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The new old thing

At some point my friend from high school took down the server where I hosted my website and blog. After dragging my feet for what ended up being years, I finally got an account at a webhost and moved my domain there.

As far as I’m aware, the old content got lost. But that’s OK.

Here we go again.

Friends of GNOME postcards

Everyone who signs up for a a monthly Friends of GNOME donation receive a postcard from a GNOME hacker as a thank you. We found the regular, touristy postcards a bit boring, so we decided to create some ourselves, based on motives by four GNOME artists.

They are drawn by Kalle Persson, Vinicius Depizzol, Máirín Duffy and myself (Andreas Nilsson).

So if you would like one of these, sign up to be a monthly donor!

Once you’re done with that, you can encourage others to donate by putting one of these badges on your blog or website.

Alex Faaborg on Firefox Linux integration

“We don’t want the user to think about the theme too much, we want the browser to perceptually fade away so that the user can focus on what it is they are actually doing. In a sense it is a little ironic, the harder we work to make Firefox fade away the less likely it is that the user will notice the amount of effort that has gone into crafting the interface. However, the very best user interfaces go completely unnoticed, that is what makes them good.”

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firefox3 to do the tango?

The poor Mozilla folks have recently been accused of hating Linux more than they hate Hitler and Cancer combined, as they threatened to give the Linux build of Firefox the look of the platform most of us decided to move away from. As Mike points out, the diversity of our interfaces kind of suck for ISV/IDS’s like them, but things are getting better [1] and that’s a good thing for dudes like Medsphere and VMWare among others.
I’m happy that #381206 have been given some priority and we’ll do our best to fix it.

1. Fedora actually use the tango-styled Mist by default, OpenSuse use jimmacs nice icons and Ubuntu use quite a bunch of tango styled icons apart from some arrows and folders and stuff.

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